Drop Off

Welcome to the revolution! Create your account online, download our app, or text “CREATE [your email address]” to 704-870-0703.

Then, bring your dry cleaning, wash and fold, shoe shine and shoe repairs to any of our 24/7 accessible lockers. Lock the door by choosing any 4-digit code and turn the knob.

Place Order

Place your order by texting your locker number (eg, “423”) to 704-870-0703, or by using our app or web page. Then go enjoy life!

We’ll take care of everything, including sending you an email to ensure we inventoried your items properly.

You can track and manage your order from anywhere using your account.

Get Notified & Pick Up

We’ll notify you by text and email when your order is ready for pick up.

Come by Locker Revolution anytime, find your box number, and grab your clothes by entering the secure code we send you.

We typically have a one business day turnaround.